2 new open access papers in open discussion

After a long period of inactivity online due to teaching, research proposals and exam marking (and the odd holiday), I’ve finally managed to reconnect with twitter and this blog. So to get started, here are links to a couple of papers I’m an author on which are in open discussion in open access journals, on two quite different topics.

Firstly, this paper in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions presents work by Mingxi Yang at PML on the first eddy covariance flux measurements of methanol, acetaldehyde and acetone at sea. It’s really exciting stuff and I have to admit to having played only a minor role in advising Ming on some aspects of the possible effects of ‘chemical enhancement’ of air-sea transfer by rapid reactions occurring in the surface layer of the ocean which might have effected his results.

Secondly this paper in Biogeosciences Discussions is a large multi-author review led by Nianzhi Jiao and Carol Robinson on the state of knowledge on marine dissolved organic matter cycling in the ocean and in particular the so-called ‘microbial carbon pump’ that acts to store huge quantities of carbon in the ocean as organic molecules which are only very slowly broken down by bacteria. Its breakdown is probably sensitive to oxygen and nutrient concentrations so as a major carbon store has all sorts of implications for past and future global change – for example in a low-oxygen ocean (such as in the Archean or early to mid Proterozoic), carbon storage could be much greater than it is today. It is also very relevant for our blue carbon project.

Both of these papers are in discussion – please chip in to the debate!

In more open access news our open access book on ocean-atmosphere interactions has had nearly 1500 chapter downloads from the official site since January! Quite pleased with that. Also I’m very pleased to have become a review editor for Frontiers in Marine Biogeochemistry. The Frontiers journals are doing pretty cool stuff with open peer review which is worth checking out. Shame it’s so darned expensive to publish with them…


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