New publication on copepods getting warmed up

New publication in Global Change Biology: Multi-decadal range changes vs. thermal adaptation for north east Atlantic oceanic copepods in the face of climate change


Copepod – Photo by Uwe Kils (reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license).

Clare Ostle has just had a paper published in global change biology from her undergrad dissertation work on copepod temperature response. Well done Clare!

The paper is very interesting – demonstrating that during 5(!) decades over which the continuous plankton recorder survey has recorded plankton in the waters around the UK, the distribution of the colder-water-loving Calanus finmarchicus and warmer-water-loving C. helgolandicus has changed radically (an apparent Northward movement in both populations). However the relationship between water temperature and abundance for each species is very similar across all decades suggesting little ecological adaptation to increasing temperature. This is presumably not good news for ecological resilience to climate change…


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