GCC2013 at WHOI

I recently came back from the 7th Graduate Climate Conference, which was very fitting to this new group with sessions ranging from the dynamics of chemistry of the atmosphere, oceans and cryosphere together with how these may interact with various ecosystems. I was fortunate enough to be presenting my work on net community production in the Ocean Biology and Chemistry session:


Photo credit to Allison Wing and the GCC Executive Committee.

This year the conference was held at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Cape Cod. It is organised and run by graduate students, which created a great environment for us to discuss our research and learn from the wide range of topics that were presented. There were a number of poster and talk sessions that were linked by topic areas, with titles ranging from the “Inter-Tribal Meeting on Climate Variability and Change” to the “Numerical Simulation of Seafloor Weathering as a Climate Stabilization Mechanism”. The science was so enthralling that not only did we spend each day absorbing each talk and poster presented, but it also made appearances at the halloween festivities, with representations of “runaway greenhouse” and “heatwave” turning up!

Overall, the conference was thoroughly enjoyable and a great environment for discussion and learning. Perhaps there could be a push for a similar initiative in the UK, as it is clearly a productive and encouraging way of showcasing new science.


Photo credit to Allison Wing and the GCC Executive Committee.


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